OnePlus Nord CE 5G Tips & Tricks | 45+ Special Features

OnePlus Nord CE 5G Tips & Tricks | 45+ Special Features

In this article, we’ll discuss Best OnePlus Nord CE 5G Tips & Tricks. Here you’ll get to know about 45+ Special Features of the OnePlus Nord CE 5G.

This is the second phone in the Nord series from Oneplus company. If you already using the OnePlus Nord CE 5G. Then here some  Useful Tips And Tricks For Your OnePlus Nord CE 5G. Or in case you are looking for buying it then this is an in-depth features guide for you.

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OnePlus Nord CE 5G Tips & Tricks | 45+ Special Features

OnePlus Nord CE 5G Tips & Tricks | 45+ Special Features

1. AOD Feature

Let’s start this article with the feature of the Always-on display. You can easily customize this feature. To enable it, go to your settings>display>Ambient display>When to show. Now set it to all day. So that it’ll be visible all day on your OnePlus Nord CE 5G.

2. Customize Always-on Display

To customize your Always-on Display, Go to settings>customization>clock on ambient display. Here you’ll get the option of different clocks. Just choose what you like & click on the save button.

3. Fingerprint Animation

If you go to settings>customization>Fingerprint Animation. Then here you can customize the fingerprint animation you got while you tap on your in-display fingerprint sensor.

4. Horizon Lights

The other feature you got in the display Customization settings is Horizon Lights which is also known as Edge Lighting. In this when you got a notification then the edge will light up. You can customize the different colors of Horizon Lights in OnePlus Nord CE 5G.

5. Canvas (Lock Screen)

If you go to settings>customization then you’ll get the option of canvas image in the ambient display. You can set any image here & it’ll appear as animation while AOD is on.

6.  Customize Accent color

Go to settings>customization>accent color. In this, you can customize the thing like which color you want to see in the toggle.

7. Customize System Icon

Below the Accent Color, you got the System icon. In this, you can customize the shape of the icon you got in the notification panel.

8. Customize icon pack

To Customize icon pack in this phone. Open Icon pack in the customization section, here you will get the default circular icons of Oxygen OS, you can change it to Hydrogen Icon pack & by that, you’ll get the rectangular icon shape.

9. Change the font in OnePlus Nord CE 5G

If you go to settings>customization>font. Then from here, you can easily change the font of your device.

10. Swipe Down Function

when you swipe down from the Home screen then you don’t get the notification penal but you’ll see the Oneplus Self, which most people don’t go to like. To change it to swipe down for notification, Long press the Home screen & go to “Home Settings”. Now tap on “Swipe down to access” and choose “Notification and quick Setting” & save it.

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11. Doble tap to Lock

In this device, if you want to lock your phone by double tap on the home screen, then again Long press at the Home screen & go to the “Home Settings” & find the “Double tap to lock” & enable it.

12. Home & launcher Layout

To Increase or decrease the number of apps on the home screen, Long press the Home screen & go to the “Home Settings” & select “Home screen layout”. Here you can change the grid style, change the size of the icon, & remove the name of the icon.

13. Hidden space for apps

On your mobile You can also hide your apps if you want by using the Hidden Space feature in 2 ways, In 1st If you pinch outwards on your home screen. In a 2nd way swipe up your app drawer and then swipe right on go to your hidden space. Now tap on the “+” icon in the corner to add apps to it. & By taping on the 3 dots you can enable password protection to hidden apps.

14. Lockbox for files

After the apps, you can also hide the files & password protect them. For this go to File manager & at the bottom of the file manager, you’ll get the LockBox option. After setting it up you can add files to it & they will get hidden from the file manager.

15. Quick Search Gestures

Long press on the home screen & go to home settings. Then you’ll get the Quick Search Gesture, turn on its toggle. Now if you swipe up on the home screen to open the apps drawer &  hold a bit. Now you’ll get the Direct search option from here.

16. Screen recorder

You also get the inbuild screen recorder on phone. For this Drop down the quick setting shade and swipe across the second sheet and you will see the Screen Recorder (Long press to open its settings). Tap on it and then a tiny floating button appears. Now to start the recording of your screen tap on the red button.

17. System-wide dark mode

On this phone you also get the dark mode option, you can use it from the control center. Just tap on it & the application that supports the dark mode in your device will automatically get converted to dark mode. If you long press on it then you get an option to Force dark mode on the apps that does not support the dark mode.

18. Zen mode (focus mode)

Another amazing feature of the OnePlus Nord CE 5G is Zen mode also known as focus mode. It is used when you want to focus on something & want to keep away the distractions from your device. Go to the Control center & you will see the focus mode named Zen mode. Tap on it & set up the time and tap on the let’s go.

19. Work-life balance

Work-life balance is another feature which is available in the control center, by this you can choose the apps that you use in your working hour & apps that you use in non-working hours.  After setup the working hour apps not going to distract you while you are enjoying life. And the personal apps not going to interface with you while you are at work.

20. Native video call

If you are using VoLTE enabled sim then you also get native video calling support on this phone. After dialing the number in the dialer box you can directly make a video call from here.

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21. WiFi calling

Wi-Fi Calling is a service for smartphones providing the ability to make and receive phone calls over a Wi-Fi connection. To use this go to settings>wifi & network> sim & network settings>sim & here you will see the wifi calling. Tap on the toggle to turn it on or off

22. Call Recording

In this phone, you don’t get the automatic call recording but can record the call from the Record option you got at the dialer. When you tap on it then both sides of the phone will get an announcement which is not very useful.

23. Dual-channel accerlation

If you go to settings>wifi & network> dual-channel acceleration, then here you’ll get Dual-channel acceleration. This is an amazing feature by which you can accelerate your internet speed by using your wifi & cellular data at the same time. Just turn on its toggle. Although it’s not available for every app. Here you’ll get the list of supported apps.

24. NFC, Screencast, Android auto

If you go to settings>blutooh & device connection then you will get the feature like NFC, Screencast, Android auto, nearby share, etc.

25. customize Screen color

You can customize the screen color if you want to change the screen calibration, natural or advance. The amount of cold color you want & amount of warm color you want & change many things of display color. For this go to settings>display>advance>screen calibration & here you can customize your screen color settings.

26. Vision comfort & Reading mode

Vision comfort & Reading mode is also available in the Display section. In vision comfort, you can change the color temperature or night mode. For the reading mode, you can use the “mono effect” which is also known as the black & white effect or “chromatic effect”

27. Font & Display size

In the display section, you also got another option like Font size & Display Scaling. By this, you can choose the size of text on the screen & scale everything on the screen.

28. Status bar customization

Within the display section, you also got status bar customization. In this, you get the option like change the battery icon, show battery percentage, display network speed, time, icon manager.

29. Dirac Audio Tuner

Go to settings>sounds & vibration>Dirac Audio Tuner. In this, you can customize the sound for movies & music. If you are using an earphone then you get an option of equalizer too.

30. Earphone mode

If you use the use earphones a lot then this feature is for you. If you go to settings>sounds & vibration>earphone mode then you will get this option. Here you can set some default settings for earphones. Like if you using earphones then it’ll keep the volume in control, lower the volume if some video has high pitch audio at a particular point. if you got a call then it’ll get automatically answered as you are wearing earphones.

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31. Navigation settings

You can change the navigation gestures settings. To customize this go to settings>button & gestures>navigation bar & gestures, here you can choose how you want it.

32. Quick gestures

Go to settings>button & gestures>quick gestures & here you can add some quick gestures if you want like three-finger screenshot,double-tap to wake, music control, Drow alphabet on screen to open particular thing, etc.

33. Optimized charging

The optimized charging as its name shows it optimize the charging of your phone and prevent it from overcharging. If you put your phone on charging at night time then it automatically detects that & it slows down the charging speed so when you wake you in the morning then it completes its changing. For this go to settings>battery>optimized charging & turn it on. It going to prevent your device from overcharging & overheating.

34. Quick launch gesture

Go to settings>utilities>quick launch, in the quick launch if you long press on the fingerprint sensor after unlocking then you can perform some action here. you customize that what shortcut you want here for example open the Google assistant or open any app etc.

35. Parallel apps

If you want to use the dual apps then you get the Parallel apps feature for that. This helps to run two versions of the same app. So if you are using WhatsApp then by using this you can make a clone of that & you’ll be able to use 2 WhatsApp on your device.

36. App lock (app encryption)

You also get the built-in app locker that helps you to add a lock on the particular app. For this go to settings>utilities>app locker, here you can add any app & you can also hide their notification content.

37. Quick Reply in landscape mode

This feature is very helpful while you are using your phone in landscape mode. Now if you got any notification then a floating keyboard will open so that you can quickly reply to it. To enable it to go to settings>utilities>quick reply in the landscape,  here you can enable or disable it anytime. You can use this while you are watching a movie or playing a video game.

38. Ram Boost (AI)

Ram boost helps you to boost your ram performance. Its AI system tries to understand your usage & according to that, it kills the apps in the background. You can’t customize it but you can turn it on/off anytime you want. To enable the ram boost first go to settings>system>ram boost, here turn on the toggle.

39. Expanded Screenshot

In this mobile, you also get the expanded screenshot which is a scrolling screenshot, by this you can take the screenshot of the whole page just by scrolling down. Just take the normal screenshot & click on the expanded screenshot at the bottom right corner, now scroll down to get a screenshot.

40. In-Video controls

You also get amazing video controls on this mobile. While you are capturing a video then you can directly switch to ultrawide by tapping on a button. You can also take a photo while capturing a video by tapping on the capture button at the bottom right corner.

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41. 240fps Slow-mo

You also get slow-motion in this device. At maximum, you can record in full HD but at 240fps. If you reduce it to HD resolution then you’ll be able to record in 480fps.

42. Raw photos in pro mode(manual mode)

On this phone, you also got the pro mode. In the pro-mode, you can capture the raw photos if you want. You can capture the 64MP photo in the pro mode. You can’t use the pro mode to capture videos.

43. Double Tap to switch camera

If you want to switch the camera to front & rear then you get a very good shortcut for that. If you double-tap on the screen while the camera is open then it’ll directly switch the camera in between the front camera & rear camera.

44. Smart Gallery

On this phone, you also get an amazing gallery app by which you can hide your photos. If you go to the collection & scroll down then you’ll get the Hidden collection option. In this, you can add any photo hide but they are just going to hide in this app. If you are using another app to view photos then you’ll be able to view them.

45. Game space Settings

You will not get the game space option in the settings but you get an app named Game space. Here you’ll get the settings related to game space. Here you can customize different thing which will help you to enhance your gaming experience.

46. Easter egg in OnePlus Nord CE 5G

There is an Easter egg in the Onelpus calculator app. To find it, First, go to the calculator app, now type in’1+’ then tap in ‘=’ and you will see what happens next.

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Wrap up: OnePlus Nord CE 5G Tips & Tricks

This is all on the topic of Best OnePlus Nord CE 5G Tips & Tricks | 45+ Special Features. I hope you like it, in case we missed something then write in the comment section.

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