The Reason Apple Doesn't Include a Calculator With the iPad.

Back in 2016, a Reddit post from someone claiming to be an ex-employee of the company offered a possible reason.

According to him, early iPad prototypes ported over Apple’s conventional iOS calculator, which was stretched to fit the iPad’s screen. As development continued, no one paid much attention to the distorted image of the calculator until it was too late.

When the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs finally noticed it, he demanded it is removed. Ever since no one at Apple has bothered with programming a calculator to fit the iPad’s dimensions.

In the WWDC 2020, Federighi tried to answer this question. He said that Apple just hasn’t come up with an app that would make people say, “This is the greatest iPad calculator app.”

But he didn’t slam the door on the idea of an iPad calculator. “That day may come,” Federighi said.

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