In 2016, Apple introduced iPhone 7 which generated controversy thanks to their decision to remove the headphone jack.

It came as a shock to many, who felt the feature was essential. So why did Apple do it?

Well, the reason actually had more to do with iPhone X than the iPhone 7.

they were having trouble shrinking the chin since that’s where display panels typically house their controller.

To solve this problem their engineers figured out a solution. By utilizing an OLED panel’s flexible properties, they could fold its controller behind the display.

The only downside was the headphone jack needed to be removed to make room for the display’s controller.

This technology would eventually be used in the iPhone X, but the product’s release was still a couple of years away.

In the meantime, Apple would release iPhone 7. Since they knew the headphone jack would have to be removed the following year, they considered removing it early on the 7.

The benefit for users would be improved water Resistance.

But there was also a hidden benefit for Apple. They’d be introducing wireless headphones called AirPods alongside iPhone 7.

In 2016 there was virtually no true wireless earbuds on the market, which created a huge opportunity for Apple.

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