For Earth Day 2022, while most companies are announcing newer, sustainability initiatives, Samsung wants to turn your attention back to the devices you already own.

The company is pushing towards less e-waste and sustainable materials for packaging and accessories and announced last month the use of factory-certified used parts that would allow uses to repair their smartphones for less and keep them from ending up in landfills.

Additionally, to mark Earth Day, Samsung has partnered with Sean Wotherspoon to launch a set of three cases and watch bands for the Samsung Galaxy S21 and the Galaxy Watch 4.

The Samsung Galaxy x Sean Wotherspoon Sustainable Accessories Collection is now live and features 100 per cent biodegradable and recyclable cases for the Samsung Galaxy S21 and the watch bands for the Galaxy Watch 4.

The watch bands also come with matching watch faces that can be downloaded for free from Google Play.

Both the phone case and the watch band are available in three matching colours - pink, lily yellow, and mojito green.

All three are covered in peace signs, doodles of the planet, flowers, sun, bees, “love the planet” slogans, and also tuxedo-clad alligators (on the green one).

Samsung has created cases for the Galaxy S21 and not the Galaxy S22 because the former is joining the Samsung Re-Newed program.

As Android Police pointed out - “currently, the only way to buy the Galaxy S21 is to settle for third-party refurbished models or buy a used but not refurbished model”.

The Samsung Re-Newed program will allow users to buy a Galaxy S21 with 100 per cent Samsung parts, a new battery and IMEI, and a full one-year warranty just like any brand-new phone.

The main idea behind this initiative is to make users use their current devices longer and if they do want a new one, nudge them towards buying a device from the renewed program.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 is already available in the market with pretty decent trade-ins, but Samsung’s new cases and accessories might get people to pick this over a newer device.

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