Smartphone battery technology is pretty good these days. But if there’s one thing smartphone lovers will never be able to get enough of it’s the promise of better battery life.

Wouldn’t it be great if our handsets lasted two or three full days of heavy use with just a single charge? What about a whole week? With graphene batteries, this might not be such a pipe dream.

But the problem is, that graphene batteries are still a distant dream. Although Samsung is rumored to be working on this technology it would still take years for us to see a graphene battery-powered smartphone.

However, the good news is Samsung is preparing to implement another solution that may not be as good as the graphene tech but would surely help increase the battery capacity significantly without increasing the overall footprint of the battery

And we may see this tech being implemented as soon as the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

A reputed South Korean publication the elec reports that Samsung will use a battery technology called stacking that it currently makes advanced electric vehicle batteries with for their smartphones.

You see right now smartphone batteries are made using a flat roll method and one large disadvantage of this method is lithium polarization.

lithium polarization occurs at the folds during charging causing the effective battery materials of the battery to not become fully activated thus reducing the energy density of the battery.

This is not a problem in Samsung's stacked design as there's no folding or rolling involved.

The battery components are stacked like in a staircase-style arrangement which allows to package the battery components tighter and achieve a 10% increase in capacity.

This means a 5500mAh battery cell can be put in the Galaxy S23 Ultra with the same overall footprint as the S22 Ultra. Alternatively, they can make the S23 Ultra thinner with a 5000mAh battery, too.

Samsung has already set up a manufacturing plant to make these batteries so hopefully, the technology will be ready in time for the Galaxy S23.

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