Activision and Legendary have announced Godzilla vs. Kong is coming to the Call of Duty: Warzone video game starting on May 11 which follows the new season launching on April 27.

"Hold on to your… everything. The MONSTER OF ALL BATTLES is coming!" teases the video description.

The newest trailer shows the two titans fighting just off the coast of Caldera Island.

There is some light story justification, as it seems the Nazis are using a device that has awakened the beasts, but much like the 2021 Godzilla vs. Kong film, it seems mainly like an excuse to have two big things punch each other.

It’s unclear how the beasts will weave into the gameplay experience, as there still is no in-game footage of them.

However, the map is littered with skeletons from huge creatures and Warzone will be getting a special Quads mode that will have a “titan-sized twist.

The new season, which is spread across both Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone, contains a ton of new content, although the Godzilla and Kong stuff presumably won’t be in the former (or at least as prominent).

The official Call of Duty site has an exhaustive list of all the new weapons, cosmetics, map changes, playable Operators, changes to Zombies, and more all spread across Vanguard and Warzone, with multiple shared and exclusive parts of the update that will pertain to one game or both of them.

Patch notes will drop a week before the update. Attentive players likely won’t find this crossover to be a surprise.

A report in February alleged that the company was developing a Godzilla vs. Kong crossover.

Activision released a teaser trailer last week where it hinted at something bigger and ended with a roar that sounded like Godzilla’s, but distorted.

Then, on April 20, the PlayStation Game Sizes Twitter account posted the thumbnail for the game that had Godzilla and Kong in it, which ended up being the official key art.

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