Why does instagram crash when you try to post a reel [Fixed]

Why does instagram crash when you try to post a reel [Fixed]

In this article, we’ll discuss why does Instagram crash when you try to post a reel. We’ll also give a solution to fix this error.

With the latest update of Instagram, I start getting this issue. In this, if I post-normal photos or videos then they get posted on Instagram. But in the case of Reels, it just gets crashed in the middle of the process. So let’s see how you can solve this & what are possible fixes for this issue.

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How to fix Instagram crashes when you try to post a reel?

1. Update the Instagram App

This is the first solution to fix this problem. For this simply open the app store & check for updates. If you got an update then update your app & your problem will get solved. Otherwise, move to the next solution.

why does instagram crash when you try to post a reel [Fixed]

2. Clear Instagram cache on Android & iPhone

The second solution is a clear the Instagram cache. The settings are different for iPhone & Android.

If you’re using the android then long tap on the Instagram app & tap on the app info and then go to storage & in the storage tap on the Clear cache option.

If you’re using the iPhone then go to settings>General>iPhone Storage>Instagram & here tap on the Delete App option. Now simply reinstall the app from the AppStore.

3. Reinstall the Instagram App

If you still getting the issue then simply uninstall the Instagram app & then reinstall it. Now normally log in to your Instagram & you’ll be able to use it normally. If not then move to the next solution.

4. Quit the Beta Program

If you have joined to Instagram beta program then sometimes that also gives such types of Glitches & bugs. So the simple solution to this is the Leave beta program.

For that go to the app store & scroll down & tap on the Leave button. Then simply confirm it.  Now you’ll need to uninstall the beta version of Instagram & install the public release. For that, uninstall the Instagram app after Leaving the beta program & then install it again.

why does instagram crash when you try to post a reel [Fixed]

 5. Wait Out to get fixed

Instagram uses the Facebook SDK on its app (SDK allows seamless login and deep integration). In the past few months, the Facebook SDK has been notorious for crashing apps including Instagram, Spotify, Tinder, and more. And the issue has been widespread, especially on iOS. Facebook, in its statement, said that due to some code changes the crashing issue was triggered. Later, the bug was fixed and Instagram and many other apps started working without any crashing issues. So, when nothing works, wait it out and let the developers fix the crashing issue on Instagram.

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So this is how you can fix an Instagram crash when you try to post a reel. I hope it helps you.

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