How to enable dark mode on the Quora website

How to enable dark mode on the Quora website

If you are looking for How to enable dark mode on the Quora website, then follow the step-by-step guide, we have given in this article.

Quora is the most used website in our daily life after Google to get our answer. Google is just a search engine but Quora is a platform for long content. We spend a long time on quora due to that reason.

This long screen time with a white background can hurt our eyes, so for that reason, we have an inbuilt feature dark mode in Quora. So let’s see how you can use it.

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How to change the white background theme of Quora to black

1) In the first step open the Quora website & tap on your profile at the top right side.

Quora website

2) In the profile, tap on the Settings option at the bottom left corner.

Quora website

3) Now open the Display settings by tapping on it.

Quora website

4) In the themes, check the Dark theme.

Quora website

5) Here you go, the Quora website just gets turned dark.

How to enable dark mode on the Quora website

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This is all on the topic of How to enable dark mode on the Quora website. I hope it helps you.

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