How To Add languages to Gboard

How To Add languages to Gboard

If you are looking for How To Add languages to Gboard, then you just reach the best place on the internet. Follow the steps given below.

The world is growing closer every day thanks to the Internet. That means sooner or later you are going to have an online conversation with someone who is not native to your tongue. To solve this issue google’s Gboard comes in handy. It allows users to multilingual typing.

So in this article, you’ll be going to learn a way of adding a Second Language to Your Smartphone’s Keyboard. so without further ado let’s get started.

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Here’s how To Add languages to Gboard

Note:-  when you change languages with Gboard, your Android device’s language settings aren’t affected.

1) Start typing something & it’ll open up the keyboard in your phone. Now tap on the settings icon on the keyboard.

2) As you tap on the settings icon then it’ll open up the Gboard settings, here tap on the Languages option.

3) Now tap on the Add Keyboard button at the bottom.

How To Add languages to Gboard

4) After that tap choose the language from the list that you want to add to your keyboard.

How To Add languages to Gboard

5) Next, select the keyboard you want to enable multilingual typing. And after that tap on the Done button at the bottom right corner.

6) Here you go, you just added a new language to your Gboard. Similar way you can add more languages.

7) To use this keyboard you can simply long tap on the space button & choose the language & it’ll change the language of your keyboard.

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wrap up: Add languages to Gboard

This is all on the topic of How To Add languages to Gboard. I hope it helps you.

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