How to upgrade your Visa Card 2022

How to upgrade your Visa Card 2022

In this article, you’ll learn How to upgrade your Visa Card, just follow the step-by-step guide given below in this article.

Important:- Points to keep in mind before you upgrade your Visa Card.

  1. The new stake will reset the timer and another 6-month period will start.
  2. Your existing Visa card will need to be closed before a new one can be issued.
  3. Your new Visa card will have a different number.
  4. A card reissuing fee of USD $50* will be applied since we have to issue a new card.

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Step-by-step process on how to upgrade your US Visa Card

1) In the first step open the app & on the homepage, tap on the Accounts option at the bottom.

How to upgrade your Visa Card

2) Now open the Crypto Wallet by tapping on its option.

How to upgrade your Visa Card

3) then tap on Coin.

How to upgrade your Visa Card

4) On the next page, scroll down & below the CRO Stake, you’ll get the UPGRADE button. Simply tap on it.

5) After that you’ll get different levels that you can stake. Select which one you want & tap on Continue to stake.

6) Now on this page, it’ll show ‘how much CRO you’ll need to stake” & “how many days” to get this level of card that you had selected.

How to upgrade your Visa Card

Closing Remarks

After your new virtual card is issued, you will receive an email from our team with confirmation and information regarding the transfer of your funds (if any) from your old Visa Card to your new one.

So this is all on the topic of How to upgrade your Visa Card. I hope it helps you.

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