How To Convert Coins on 2022

How To Convert Coins on 2022

If you’re looking for How To Convert Coins on, then you have just reached the best place on the internet. The steps are given below.

Converting Crypto coins on is very simple. Whenever we get rewards from then we got them in the form of CRO.  So for the example, in this article, we’ll see how to convert CRO to BTC on The steps will be similar if you choose any other cryptocurrency. so without further ado let’s get started.

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Steps to convert crypto on

1) In the first step open & as the app opens up, tap on the Trade button you got on the upper left side.

2) On the trade page, tap on the Buy button.

3) Now in this example we are converting to Bitcoin so tap on the Bitcoin option.

How To Convert Coins on

4) On the next page, select the Crypto Wallet option.

How To Convert Coins on

5) Now in this example we are converting CRO to bitcoin so select the CRO option. After that enter the Amount & tap on the Buy BTC button at the bottom.

6) On the next page, it’ll ask “Confirm Buy BTC” so check the details of your order, if everything looks good to you then tap on the Confirm button.

7) Then Enter your Passcode to confirm your buy order.

8) After completing the above steps successfully, you’ll get a message on your screen that “Your BTC Purchase Completed”.

Wrap up: Convert Coins on

This is how you can convert crypto such as CRO to another coin on I hope it helps you.

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