How to buy stocks on Robinhood in 2022 [step-by-step]

How to buy stocks on Robinhood in 2022 [step-by-step]

If you are looking for How to buy stocks on Robinhood, then here is the simple step-by-step guide we have given in this article below.

To buy the stock on Robinhood, the first thing you need is Buying Power. The Buying power means the amount of money you can use to purchase stocks, options. (How to add money to Robinhood account in 2022)

As you get the buying power in your Robinhood account then you’re good to go. But before that here is an important point before you buy a stock on Robinhood.

In Robinhood, you get two options to buy a stock, which is “Buy in Dollars” & “Buy in Shares”.

Buy in Shares means that you can buy a particular company’s share at its full price.

Buy in Dollars means you can buy a particular company’s share in the fractions. If you feel that a particular company’s stock price is out of your budget then you can choose the dollar amount you want to invest & then you can buy it.

I hope you understand that all, now let’s see the process of buying a stock on the Robinhood app. so without further ado let’s get started!

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How to buy stocks on Robinhood in 2022

1) In the first step open the Robinhood app on phone & as the app opens up then tap on the Search icon at the bottom middle side.

How to buy stocks on Robinhood

2) On the browse page you’ll get the different trading lists, you can explore them if you want, but if you tap on the “search companies”option at the top then you can search any company its name.

3) As type the name of the company, it’ll appear as a search result. (For example, I searched tesla) Tap to open it.

How to buy stocks on Robinhood

4) On this step you’ll see some more information about that company. To buy the stock tap on the green-colored Buy button at the bottom right corner.

5) Now you’ll get the two options, “Buy in Dollars” & “Buy in Shares”. If you want don’t have buying power Equivalent to Stock price or if you want to buy the stock in the fractions, then Choose the “Buy in Dollars” option.

6) Next, Enter the dollar amount you would like to purchase. For example, I choose $10.

7) On the next page, it’ll tell us that our $10 is Equivalent to 0.013961 Shares. Now swipe up to submit.

8) Now it’ll show you that your order completed. Below that it’ll give you details of that order. Just tap on the Done button & that’s it you just completed the process of buying a stock in the Robinhood app.

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Wrap up: Buy stocks on Robinhood

So this is all on the topic of How to buy stocks on Robinhood in 2022. I hope it helps you.

If you got any issues then feel free to ask in the comment section or our Twitter page.

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