Error Declined by Issuer [Solved] Error Declined by Issuer [Solved] Error Declined by Issuer, & Now looking for how to solve this problem? Just follow the steps given in this article.

When I was trying to link my card to then I just faced this error. After some research, I find out that it’s a very common problem. After applying some fixes I got able to add the card to my account. By following my solution you’ll also be able to fix this error.

What does declined by issuer mean on Crypto com?

In when you get the error Declined by Issuer then it simply means that your credit card or debit card issuing bank did not approve the transaction. Now the reason behind that could be multiple. In the next part of the article, we’ll discuss the all reasons & how you can fix them. so without further ado let’s get started!

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How to fix Error Declined by Issuer

In this first step make sure that you’re getting errors similar to mine as shown in the picture below so that we can make sure we are on the same page & my solution can work for you. Error Declined by Issuer

1) Problem with the server of your Card Issuer

This is a very common issue with servers. So if the experience card Issuer declined then you can wait for some hours. When you try again later you’ll see that your error automatically got fixed.

2) Insufficient funds in your Card

The second reason behind the card decline can be an Insufficient balance on your card. So first check your card & if it has a low balance then add some money & then retry on

3) Invalid card number or expiration date

If you enter the wrong digit by mistake then it’ll defiantly be going to give you some error. So just double-check the card details you have filled in. If that doesn’t work then move to the next solution.

4) Suspected fraud related to your card

Now, this could be the main reason behind your card being declined by Issuer. When your bank suspects something unsuspicious then they simply decline the transaction. To fix this, get in contact with your bank & tell them that this is not fraud & they don’t need to flag this particular linking you are trying to do in your account. So by taking the help of your card issuer, you can easily fix this issue.

5) Change your card

If nothing works for you then you can try this method, this one works for me like a charm. There might be some unknown issue with your card so by simply changing it you can fix it. I was trying to link my Credit card & got the error Declined by Issuer. Then I use the Debit card of my same bank & it just fix my problem. As you can see in the picture below, my card got Linked successfully. Error Declined by Issuer

Wrap up: Error Declined by Issuer

So this is how you can fix Error Declined by Issuer. I hope it helps you.

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