Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 Tips & Tricks | 30+ Special Features

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 Tips & Tricks | 30+ Special Features

In this article, we’ll discuss Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 Tips & Tricks. Here you’ll get to know about 30+ Special Features of the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6.

This is the 6th band in the smart band series from the Xiaomi company. If you already using the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6. Then here are some Useful Tips And Tricks For Your Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6. Or in case you are looking for buying it then this is an in-depth features guide for you.

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Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 Tips & Tricks | 30+ Special Features

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 Tips & Tricks | 30+ Special Features

1. Turn off the screen

The first hidden feature you got in the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 is to Turn off the screen. To use this simply cover the screen of your Mi band with your finger or hand & the screen of your band will instantly turn off.

2. Change the Band Display

If you go to settings in your Mi Band 6 then the first option you got here is Band display. Tap on it & here you’ll 3  default watch faces here. Just swipe up/down to explore them. Tap on the watch face you like the most to set it on your band. Below the watch face, you’ll get a settings option to customize your watch face.

3. Add new watch faces

By default, you got 3 watch faces in the Mi band but if you want to use other watch faces then you need the Mi Fit application. Open the Mi Fit app & go to the profile section at the bottom right corner. Here tap on the Mi smart band 6 in the “my devices” section.

On the next page, the first option you got is “store” tap on it & you’ll get hundreds of watch faces. Tap on the watch face you want to try & click on the “Sync watch face” button at the bottom. And you’ll get that watch face on the screen of your Xiaomi band 6.

4. DND feature

Below the Band display, you’ll get the option of DND. You can turn it on/off or set it as auto turn on/off. This is very helpful when you are doing some important work & don’t want to get disturbed by any type of notifications.

5. Change the screen brightness

Next to DND, you got the Brightness feature. Tap on it & you can customize the brightness of your Mi band 6 from the “+ & -” icons.

6. Use Mi band 6 as a flashlight

In the settings, if your scroll to the bottom then you’ll get the More. open it & the first option you’ll get here is Flashlight. As you tap on it then the screen of your Mi band 6 will turn white with full brightness so you’ll be able to use it as a Flashlight in emergency conditions.

7. Find device with Mi band

If you forget where you left your phone last time then you can easily find it if your mi band is connected to it. To find your device Go to Settings>more>find device, tap on it & your phone will start ringing even if it’s on silent mode.

8. View your status

If you swipe up once from the home screen then the first option you got is Status. Tap on it & it’ll show you the details like Distance you walked, calories you burned, Idle alerts you got on a particular day.

9. PAI in the Mi band 6

PAI stands for physiological activity indicator. It is based on different data collected by the device such as heart rate, the intensity of daily activity, and other personal data supplied by the user. All this data is converted into a “PAI value” by means of a special algorithm developed by the brand that is obtained when carrying out an activity of a certain physical intensity with the bracelet synchronized to the mobile. It’ll you a score between 1-100 based on your daily activity and heart rate.

10. Heart rate monitoring

This is a very important feature of the Fitness bands in which they tell you the heart rate at a particular moment. To use this Scroll down & you’ll get a Heart Rate feature next to PAI. Wear your Mi band on the wrist & tap on the Heart rate option. Wait for 30 sec & it’ll tell your Heart rate on the screen.

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11. Measure Blood oxygen levels with Mi band 6

Next to the Heart rate, you’ll get the feature of SpO2. Tap on it to Measure the Blood oxygen levels in your body. Wait for few seconds & it’ll tell give the percentage of oxygen on the screen. This is very helpful in the current pandemic situation.

12. Get sleep tracking information

Below the SpO2, you’ll get the option for a sleep monitor. Tap on it & in this, you’ll get your sleep data. You’ll also get the sleep data for the last 7 days in this.

13. Notifications on Mi Smart Band

In the band, you also get the feature to get notifications. To enable it to open the Mi fit app & go to the profile section. Now tap on the Mi smart band 6 in the “my devices” section. In here the second option you got is the “Notifications & reminders”. Now in the Notifications & reminders you’ll get the option of Incoming calls, app alerts, Idel alerts, Incoming SMS, Goal notifications.

Tap on each one by one & turn them on. Now when you get any notification then you’ll be able to view it in your mi band 6’s notification section.

14. Workout Mode

In this band, you also get different types of workout modes. It has the highest number of workout modes as compared to any other fitness band in the market. When you turn them on then the band will effectively measure your workout & you’ll get the detailed data after your workout. To view that data you get other options of workout history below the workout mode.

15. Stress Level Test with Mi band 6

To check your stress level you have to scroll down and click on the “stress” option. you will see below to start measuring stress levels. Now you have to stop moving your wrist until the measurement is finished, which will take around 30 sec. to complete. once that is finished your band will show you the final score relative to your stress level. if your stress level is at a high level the band will invite you to perform breathing exercises.

16. Breathing mode

You can also take breathing exercises for 1-5 minutes with the Mi Band 6. The Band will ask you to Breath in (inhale) and out (exhale) for a period of time you chose and then give you a score. These breathing exercises make you relaxed.

17. Get  event reminder

If you got an important event that you don’t want to miss then you can set that from the Mi app. Now when the time comes then you’ll get notified on the Mi band. If you tap on the events option below the Breathing option then you can view your all upcoming events here.

18. Set alarms from Mi band

You get the alarm feature in every smart band but they only allow you to set alarm from the app only but In the case of Mi band 6, you get the option to set an alarm within the band. For that just go to the alarm option below the events option & set your alarm directly from here.

19. Get weather information

You also get the weather option in the Mi band. It uses the Mi Fit app to fetch the information. So as the Mi Fit app has your location information so it uses the real-time location to show you the weather information.

 20. Music control from Mi band

This is another great feature of the band that you can control the music you are playing on your device. From the band, you can go to the next or previews song and you can also control the volume level from it.

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21. Band lock when it’s removed from your wrist

You can also lock your Mi band 6 with a password, for this you need the Mi Fit app. In the Mi Fit app go to profile>Mi smart band 6>band settings>band lock, then from here you can set a password for your band. Now when you remove the band from your wrist then it’ll automatically detect & now you need to type the password to open it.

22. Night mode

In the band settings, you get another great feature of night mode. When you enable it in the app then the mi band 6 will automatically reduce the brightness at the night & increase at the daytime. You can set it on sunrise & sunset or you can also set it on your customized time.

23. Lift wrist to view info

You also get the Lift wrist to view info in the band settings. Just enable it & now when you want to view time or something else then just lift your wrist toward your face & it’ll automatically turn on its light so you don’t have to manually touch it every time to wake it up.

24. Find Mi band 6

In case you forgot where you left your band in your room then you can easily find it by using your Mi Fit app. For that In the Mi Fit app go to profile>Mi smart band 6, now below the app settings, you’ll get an option of Find band. Tap on it & your Mi band will start vibrating.

25. Custom vibration settings

You can also customize the vibration for different apps. For this open the Mi Fit app & go to profile>Mi smart band 6>vibration, now select for example Incoming SMS & tap on add. Now tap & pause on the screen to make new vibrations. The different vibrations will help you know which app sending that particular notification.

26. Automatic workout detection

Sometimes we forgot to turn on the workout mode so Mi band 6 comes with Automatic workout detection. By default it’s not enabled so to enable it, swipe down in Mi band 6 & open the settings, now scroll down to detect activity. In this select which activity you want to detect. Even though you got many sports modes but in the automatic detection, you only got 5 options to select.

27. Screen wake up

When you turn on the DND then you don’t get any notification but if you hit the screen by mistake then it’ll wake up. To solve this issue go to settings in Mi band 6 & tap on the screen wakeup, Now instead of “Tap the screen” select the “swipe up on the screen” option. So now you have to swipe on the screen to turn it on & it’ll help with mistouch prevention.

28. Camera control in Mi Band 6

We also got the camera control feature in the Mi Band 6. To enable it to open the Mi Fit app & go to profile>Mi smart band 6>lab>camera settings, now link your Mi band 6 with your phone.

Now turn on the camera & from the Mi band 6 go to more> camera, & now use the button on the band to control the shutter on your camera.

29. Customize the widget in Mi band 6

You can also control the widget & shortcut in your band for that open the Mi Fit app & go to profile>Mi smart band 6>band settings>shortcut settings. From here you can select different widgets & remove the ones you don’t want. We can add up to 6 widgets here.

30. Female cycle Tracking

On the Mi band 6, we also have Female cycle Tracking so if you are a female then you can track your menstrual cycle. For this Open the Mi Fit app & on the home page tap on the View more option. Then select cycle & tap on the Settings at the top right corner. Now Fill in all necessary data. Finally, activate the Menstrual Cycle Prediction feature & all other features.

Now to view it on your Mi band 6, you need to add the cycle widget in the band from the Mi Fit app. For that go to shortcut settings in-app & add a cycle widget to it. Once you do that you can see this information by swiping left/right from the home screen.

31. Custome Watch face

You can also create custom watch faces for the Mi band 6 to that open the Mi Fit app. In the Mi Fit app & go to profile>Mi smart band 6>store, here at the top you’ll get the custom dial option. Select any one of them & now to add the custom background tap +  icon & you can add any photo from the gallery or camera. You can also change the color of text on the screen & after all that tap on the sync watch face. Your watch face will be changed to your photo.

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Wrap up: Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 Tips & Tricks

This is all on the topic of Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 Tips & Tricks | 30+ Special Features. I hope you like it.

In case we missed something then write in the comment section.

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