Samsung Galaxy M52 5G Tips & Tricks | 45+ Special Features

Samsung Galaxy M52 5G Tips & Tricks | 45+ Special Features

In this article, we’ll discuss Samsung Galaxy M52 5G Tips & Tricks. Here you’ll get to know about 45+ Special Features of the Samsung Galaxy M52.

Samsung Galaxy M52 mobile was launched on October 3, 2021. If you already using the Samsung Galaxy M52, Then here are some  Useful Tips And Tricks For Your phone. Or in case you are looking for buying it then this is an in-depth features guide for you.

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Samsung Galaxy M52 5G Tips & Tricks | 45+ Special Features

1. Automatic Call Recording

Let’s start this article with Automatic Call Recording. You got a Samsung dialer on the Samsung Galaxy M52. Most of the phones nowadays provide the google dialer, in which you do not get the Automatic call recording. With the Samsung dialer, you can automatically record your calls.

To use this, tap on the 3 dots at the top right corner in the dialer app & open the settings>record calls>auto record calls. Just turn on its toggle & inside this, you also get more customization options.

2. Always on Display

This phone comes with a super AMOLED display so you got the Always-on display feature in this mobile.

To enable it, go to Settings>Lock screen>Always on Display. Here you can enable or disable it any time you want. You also get many customizations option here, like how much time you want to enable it. Below that can choose the clock style for always-on display. You can also set for different GIFs here & also get an option to show music information here.

3. Edge Lighting

This phone also supports the edge lighting feature. When you get a notification on your device, it’ll show beautiful lights on the edges of the phone. To enable edge lighting in your Samsung Galaxy M52, go to settings>notifications>Brief pop-up settings>Edge lighting style. Now from here choose any style you want & you also get many customization options like colors, duration, etc.

4. Secure Folder

You also get many features from the Samsung Galaxy A Series like the Secure folder. It’s a good way to hide your files & apps. In the case of apps, it does not hide them but creates a dual app so that you can use it secretly.

5. Long Screenshot

To enable long screenshots in Samsung Galaxy M52, go to Setings>Advanced features>screenshots. Now turn on the Toggle you got in front of the “Screenshot toolbar” option. Now when you take a screenshot then you’ll get a toolbar below that & on that, if you tap on the scroll option then you’ll be able to take a long screenshot.

6. Quick Switch

In the secure folder, you also get the quick switch feature by which you can switch between the original app & the duplicate app in the secure folder. To enable this open the secure folder & tap on the 3 dots at the top right corner. Now go to settings>quick switch & tap on the “Turn on Quick switch” button. Now to use the quick switch, simply double press the power key while you’re using an app in a secure folder.

7. Content suggestions

Content suggestions help is another feature in the secure folder. This helps you to hide the photo in & video. For example, if you have hidden a photo of a particular person then the next time you take the photo of that person it’ll recommend you to hide that photo.

8. Edge Panels

On this phone, you also get edge panels. So if you swipe from the edge on the edge panels icon then it’ll open up. You can easily customize it or if you tap on the settings icon here then you can add new edge panels here. In which you can also add different types of things like contacts, weather, reminder, clipboard, etc. If you tap on the Galaxy store then you’ll get endless options.

9. Call Background

If you go again go to dialer settings>call background, then from here you can choose the different call backgrounds for different sims.

10. Native Video call

If you use VoLTE SIM in Samsung Galaxy M52, you also get a native video calling feature. Just type the number in the dialer & on the left of the dial button you’ll get the direct video call option.

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11. Floating Windows

The mobile also supports Floating windows. To use this open any app & go to recent, here you will see all the apps that you opened recently. Now tap on the App icon & select the “open in pop-up view” option. Now you can use that app in the floating window. You can add multiple apps in the floating windows at a time.

12. Hide Application

If you want to hide apps on your phone then long press on the home screen & open the settings, here you’ll get the Hide apps option. Now choose the app you want to hide & tap on the done. Now you will not see that app in the app drawer.

13. Wifi Calling

Another new feature you got in this phone is wifi calling. If you swipe down to the control center then you’ll get here option for wifi calling.

14. Disable Discover Apps In Samsung Galaxy M52

If you open the app drawer, then here you’ll see a Discover button. Which are ads that show the different apps to install by redirecting to the galaxy store. To disable it, long tap on the home screen & open the settings. Now here you’ll get the Discover option, just turn off its toggle.

15. Swipe Down For Notifications

In your Samsung phone if you swipe up or swipe down from the home screen then you’ll get the App drawer from both sides. So here, the swipe-down function can be used to open the notification panel. For that long tap on the home screen & open the settings. Now just turn on the toggle in front of the “Swipe down for notification panel” option. Now you’ll be able to control your notification pannel & control center with a single swipe.

16. Show Brightness On Top

You may have noticed that in your Samsung Galaxy M52 if you swipe down for the notification panel, you’ll not get the brightness control here. You need to swipe two times to control the brightness level.

To solve this problem swipe down to the notification panel & tap on the 3 dots on the top right corner & open the “Quick panel layout”. Now the first option you got is “Show brightness control above notifications, Just turn on its toggle. Now if you single swipe then you’ll get an option of brightness control.

17. Notification History

If you again swipe down to the control panel & tap on the 3 dots. Now go to Status bar>Notification History, here turn on its toggle. Now your all notification history will get saved here. So in case you swipe close a notification by mistake then you can view it later.

18. System-Wide Dark Mode

As this phone comes with a super AMOLED display so you also get the Dark Mode of very good quality. You can enable it from the control center. The dark mode you got here is pitch black, which is pretty nice.

19. Samsung pay (with NFC)

You get the full-fledged support of Samsung pay. You got the pre-installed Samsung pay & you also get the NFC for the contactless payment. So you can use it to do your contactless payments easily.

20. Haptic Feedback For Keyboard

You also get the Haptic feedback support in this phone but this is not enabled for the keyboard by default so to enable it, go to settings>sound and vibration. Now just turn on the toggle in front of the “Samsung keyboard” option.

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21. Dolby Atmos & Equalizer

If you go to settings>sound and vibration>sound quality and effects, then from here you can enable Dolby atmos while you are using earphones & below that you get an equalizer option which you can use for speaker.

22. Separate App Sound

Below the sound quality and effects, you also get the option of a separate app sound, which is helpful while you want to set an app to play a sound on a particular device. For example, you can set to play the Spotify song on a connected Bluetooth device.

23. Font Size

In the display settings, you also got the option to change the font size. You can change the font of the text on your screen or you can zoom in/zoom out your display too.

24. Font style

Above the font size, you can also customize the font style too. In this phone, you got the 3 font styles option. Just select which one you want on your device. You can also download other styles from here.

25. Full-screen Gestures

In the Samsung Galaxy M52, by default, you got the 3 button gesture. If you want to use Full-screen gestures then you also get an option for that in settings>display>navigation bar. Here chose the Swipe gestures option. After that your Navigation button will disappear & now you can use your phone with these gestures.

26.  Galaxy Theme store

In the settings, you also get an amazing theme store. From this, you can download the themes, wallpapers, or always-on display for your Samsung Galaxy M52.

27. Lockdown Mode

If you go to settings>lockscreen>secure lock settings. Here you’ll get an option of “Show lockdown option”, Just turn on its toggle. Now when you long-press the power button then you’ll get the lockdown mode option in the power menu.

You can use it to lock your mobile while you are sleeping so now you’ll not receive any notification on the lock screen. No one can unlock your phone with a face lock or biometrics while it’s on.

28. Lock Screen Customization

In the lock screen settings, you also get the option to customize your lock screen. If you tap on the clock style option then you can choose which type of clock you want on the lock screen. You can give your contact information on the lock screen & also customize the notification look here.

29. Change lock screen Shortcut

We got the camera & phone option on the bottom corners of the phone by default. You can change it from the lock screen settings. Go to lock screen settings>shortcuts. Now select the left shortcut & right shortcut & choose the other option instead of the phone & camera.

30. Find My device

In the settings, if you go to biometrics & security then you will get an option of “Find my mobile”. Turn on its toggle, now if you lose your phone then you will be able to find it with the help of it as the Samsung phone keeps sharing the location with the Samsung server so can locate your phone with the help of it.

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31. Connect to Other Devices

If you go to advanced features in the settings then you get plenty of features here. Like enabling “call & text on other Bluetooth devices”, “Continue apps on other devices”, “Link to Windows” etc.

32. Motion & Gestures

In the Settings>Advanced features>Motion and gestures, then from here, you can customize the different types of gestures. Like with the Fingerprint gesture you can control the notification panel. By swiping the palm in front of your phone you can capture a screenshot.

33. Video call effects

Samsung Galaxy M52 provides an inbuild option to change the background while you doing the video call on your phone. To enable it to go to Settings> Advanced features> Video call effects, after that turn on its toggle. Now you’ll be able to make background blur, change its color or you can add a photo in the background. It will work in almost all popular apps.

34. Dual Messenger

Another feature that you got in this phone is Dual messenger, by the help of this you can make the clone of a social media app on your phone. This feature is also available in the Advanced features.

35. Advanced Accessibility Settings

If you open the settings>accessibillity>advanced settings, then from here you get some other customization options. Like how you want to use the different key combinations, select the different shortcut options you want.

36. Flash Notification

In the advanced settings, you’ll get the option of Flash notification. In this, you get two options of camera flash notification & screen flash notification. So when you receive a notification or call then they’ll blink.

37. Single Take Mode

Samsung Galaxy M52 comes with great camera features. The first one is single take mode. earlier it was only available on A series & flagship phones but now it’s available in the M series. When you use Single Take, you tap the shutter once and move around a bit to capture the moment from different angles. You can capture up to 10 seconds, and you’ll get a variety of styles, angles, and formats created automatically.

38. Fun Mode (Snapchat filters)

In the camera, you also get the Fun mode with the help of this you can directly use the Snapchat filters with the camera app while taking normal photos.

39. 4k 30FPS Videos

In the videos, With the front & rear camera, you can capture Ultra HD, which means 4k 30FPS videos. And while capturing a video you get different options like changing the camera lens, take a picture while capturing a video, etc.

40. Super steady videos

For the videos, you also get the super steady mode. It acts as a camera stabilizer when you’re shooting video, letting you keep up with the action at the moment without needing to set up a tripod or pack an extra action camera. With Super steady serving as a video stabilizer, you can record the moment with less blur and shake, even if you and the subject are both on the move.

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41. Background effects for portrait mode

If you captured a photo with portrait mode then after capturing you can easily reduce or increase its blurriness. If you want then you can also add some other background effects to that particular image.

42. Pro Mode

In the more, you also get the pro mode, which is also known as an expert mode. You don’t get many options though, in the pro mode you get  ISO, white balance, exposure settings only.

43. Slow Motion Videos

You also get slow-motion & super slow motion on this phone. Slow-motion work for both front & rear camera but super slow motion only work with rear camera.

44. AR Doodle support

Another great feature you got in Samsung Galaxy M52 is  AR Doodle. To use this first you need to download the AR core in your camera & after that, you’ll be able to use AR Doodle in your photos.

45. Recycle Bin For Files

If you use the default file manager of Samsung then you get the option to recover files after you delete them by mistake. This is similar to the recycle bin we got in the photo app. But in this, we can recycle every file.

46. Show charging information

If you want to get the charging information when AOD is on then go to settings>display now at the bottom you’ll get the option of “show charging information”, just turn on its toggle.

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Wrap up: Samsung Galaxy M52 5G Tips & Tricks

This is all on the topic of  Samsung Galaxy M52 5G Tips & Tricks | 45+ Special Features. I hope you like it, in case we missed something then write in the comment section.

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