Oppo Reno 8 5G Tips & Tricks | 45+ Special Features

Oppo Reno 8 5G Tips & Tricks | 45+ Special Features

In this article, we’ll discuss Oppo Reno 8 5G Tips & Tricks. Here you’ll get to know about 45+ Special Features of the Oppo Reno 8 5G.

Oppo Reno 8 5G mobile was launched on July 18, 2022. If you already using this phone, Then here are some Useful Tips And Tricks For Your Oppo Reno 8 5G. Or in case you are looking for buying it then this is an in-depth features guide for you.

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Oppo Reno 8 5G Tips & Tricks | 45+ Special Features

Oppo Reno 8 5G Tips & Tricks | 45+ Special Features

1. Omojis

In the Oppo Reno 8, you get the latest features of Color OS which is Omoji. To use this open the settings &  in the settings tap on your account at the top. Now at the top of your screen, you’ll get an Omoji. If you tap on the Edit button next to it then it’ll give you the option to create your own Omoji. These Omoji will act like you & you can use them for different things on your device.

2. Floating Windows

You also get the full-fledged support of floating windows. To use it open any app & then go to recent apps, now tap on the 3 dots at the top right corner & select the floating windows option. Now the app will stay in a mini window & when you tap on it then you’ll be able to use it in the floating window.

3. Background Stream

If you open any video-watching application & start playing any video then you’ll be able to play that video in the background by using the Background stream feature. For this play, any video on youtube, now open the sidebar by swiping from the edge of your screen. Here at the top, you’ll get the option of Background stream. Now your video will keep playing in the background, which is basically a feature of youtube premium.

4. Air Gesture

In the Oppo Reno 8, you get a new feature of Air Gesture. For this go to settings>system settings>gestures & motions>air gestures, now here you’ll get three options. You can use it for “Answer or mute calls”, “Scroll up/down”, and “Play or pause videos”. Now if you want to use “Scroll up/down” then open it & turn on the toggle next to it. Below that you’ll also get a supported apps list, currently, it only supports youtube. So now open youtube & you’ll be able to scroll your youtube by showing your hand in the air.

5. Smart Notification Hiding

Smart Notification Hiding is a new feature that only shows a notification if you’re using your phone. If your phone detects that someone else using your phone then it’ll not show any notification to protect your privacy. To use this go to settings>Notification & status Bar & here turn on the toggle next to “Smart Notification Hiding”.

6. Adaptive sleep

In this phone, you also get an adaptive sleep feature. In this, your screen would not dim and go to sleep if the device detects your present attention. To use this go to settings>display & brightness & here turn on the toggle next to adaptive sleep.

7. Dual-channel accerlation

This is an amazing feature by which you can accelerate your internet speed by using your wifi & cellular data at the same time. To enable it, go to settings>wifi> Advanced settings>wifi assistant>dual channel acceleration, then here turn on the toggle next to Dual-channel acceleration. Although it’s not available for every app. Here you’ll get the list of supported apps.

8.  Always-on Display

You got the Always-on display on this phone. To set up this, go to your settings>personalizations>Always on display. Here simply turn on the toggle next to Always on display.

9. Customize AOD

To customize your Always on Display go to settings>personalizations>Always on display. From here you can choose Omoji or different types of text styles. Other than that you can also set the type of clock you want on the Always-on Display.

10. canvas

In the Always-on display, you also get the canvas feature. When you enable this feature on your Oppo phone, it will display the Canvas AOD on the lock screen, and once you unlock your phone then it will show a portrait picture and then jump to your home screen.

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11. Edge Lighting

The other feature you got in the display personalization settings, is Horizon Lights which is also known as Edge Lighting. In this when you got a notification then the edge will light up. You can customize the different colors of Notification Lights in the Oppo Reno 8.

12. Fingerprint Animation

If you again go to settings>personalization, you will get a Fingerprint Animation option next to “clock on ambient display”. Tap to open it, now from here you can choose the type of animation you want while you put your finger on the fingerprint sensor.

13. Quick launch

Go to settings>special features>quick launch, in the quick launch if you long press on the fingerprint sensor after unlocking then you can perform some action here. you customize what shortcut you want here for example open the Google assistant or open any app etc.

14. Icon pull-down gesture

Nowadays the phone comes with a big screen which is good for consuming content buts it’s not convenient to use with one hand. So if you are on the home screen and not able to reach the top apps then you can enable this feature. For this long tap on the home screen & tap on the More option. And here tap on the Icon pull-down gesture option & turn on the toggle next to it. Now simply swipe toward the middle of the screen from the bottom right corner & your icon will reach the bottom.

15. One-hand mode

In the settings>System Settings you also get the “One-handed mode” option. Simply turn on its toggle to enable it. Now to use it, simply drag it down at the bottom middle side & your screen will shrink down to the bottom.

16. Multi-screen connect

If you got to swipe down to the control center then here you’ll see the “Multi-screen connect” option. If you enable this then you’ll be able to connect your phone with your PC & will be able to control your phone from your pc.

17. Video color boost

For the people who watch like to watch a lot of movies, you get the “Video Enhancement”. To enable this go to settings>display & brightness and below the O1 ultra vision engine, tap on the Video color boost & turn on the toggle next to it. Now this will enhance the color of the video & it’ll apply to mostly all apps that you use to watch videos.

18. Beauty Mode for video calls

If you do a lot of video calls then you get Beauty Mode for video calls on this phone. For this go to settings>system settings>retouch appearance in video calls, now here you’ll get the list of apps that supported video calls. Simply turn on the toggle next to any app & at the top, you’ll be able to set the amount of beauty mode. Now when you do any video call then it’ll automatically get applied to your face.

19. Scrolling & partial screenshots

On this phone, you can capture Scrolling & partial screenshots. For that you get the option in the control center, when you tap on it then you’ll get different opinions to select which type of screenshot you want.

20. Screen recorder

You also get a very high-quality inbuild screen recorder on phone. For this Drop down the quick setting shade and swipe across the second sheet and you will see the Screen Recorder. Long press to open its settings & from here you’ll be able to customize your settings while screen recording. At max, you can capture in Full HD 16 Mbps & you can set the frame rate at 30FPS.

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21. Gaming Mode

If you like playing games on your mobile then this is an amazing feature for you. when you start playing any game then you’ll get a sidebar on your screen & from which you’ll be able to do different tasks like open the messaging apps, enable performance mode, use voice changer, etc.

22. Swipe Down For Notification

when you swipe down from the home screen then you’ll get the search bar option. If you don’t like it then you can change it to open notification & control center. For that again long tap on the home screen & go to more settings. Now tap on “Swipe down on home screen” & select the “Notification drawer” option.

23. 4G+ carrier aggregation

Oppo Reno 8 is a 5G phone but you get good connectivity for 4G. You got 4G+ carrier aggregation & in the test, we found that it supports 3 4G bands.

24. WiFi Tethering

In the Oppo Reno 8, you also got the option of WiFi Tethering. With the help of this feature WiFi and hotspot work together. You can share your wifi with other people when you don’t want to share passwords.

25. Accent color

If you go to settings> personalization>colors, then from here, you’ll be able to set Accent color. Here you can either choose from the wallpaper colors option or the basic color option. Now if you use the wallpaper colors option then your accent color will change according to your wallpaper.

26. Icon Customize

To Customize the Icon style on your phone, again go to settings>personalization>icons. here you will get the different types of icon styles. You can set anyone from the available one. If you don’t like either of them then you also get the customize option below that.

27. Dark mode settings

If you go to settings>display & brightness  & here you can set Dark mode & if you tap on it then you’ll be able to customize the type of dark mode you want. Other than that you also get a screen color mode option here.

28. Real Sound technology

Go to settings>sounds & vibration> Real Sound technology. In this, you can customize the sound for moviesmusic & game. But you don’t get the equalizer option here.

29. Status bar customization

If you go to settings>notification & status bar, then from here you can customize your status bar. In this, you get the option like show battery percentage, Real-time network speed, Status icon, etc.

30. App lock

You also get the built-in app locker that helps you to add a lock on the particular app. For this go to settings>privacy>app lock, here you can add any app & if you open the settings then here you can use Fingerprint & Facelock for this app lock.

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31. Hide apps

In the old Oppo phone, you get the hidden space option to hide any app. But in this case of Oppo Reno 8, settings are a bit different. For this go to settings>privacy>Hide apps and from here you can choose which app to hide from the app drawer.

32. Private safe(For files)

Next, to hide apps you get the option of a private safe. In the private safe you can hide & password protects your Images and Videos, Audio, Documents & other files.

33. High-performance mode

To get the best performance from this phone you’ll need to enable performance mode in this phone. For that go to settings>battery>advanced settings & here turn on the toggle next to “High-performance mode”. This will consume more battery & can heat up your phone. So use this feature when you really need it, for example, gaming.

34. App cloner

If you want to use the dual apps then you get the Parallel apps to feature for that. To enable it, go to settings>apps>app cloner. This helps to run two versions of the same app. So if you are using Facebook then by using this you can make a clone of that & you’ll be able to use 2 Facebook apps on your device.

35. Quick return

If you go to settings>special features>quick return & here turn on the toggle next to a quick return to enable it. Below that, you’ll get the supported apps list. Now when you minimize the app then it’ll create a mini window on your screen, now by taping on it you’ll be able to quickly open it again.

36. Assistive Ball

In Oppo Reno 8, you also get the Assistive Ball feature. You can enable this by going to settings>system settings>Assistive Ball. Here turn on the toggle next to the assistive Ball option. Now you can use this ball for navigation & shortcuts.

37. Screen Off Gesture

In the System Settings, you also get gesture & motion support. In the screen-off gesture, you can use a feature like double-tap to wake up. Draw to open a particular task etc.

38. RAM expansion

If you go to settings>about device>RAM, then here turn on the toggle next to RAM expansion. In this, if you have an 8GB variant then you can increase it up to 5GB. So the total RAM you’ll get is 13GB.

39. Bokeh Video

Now let’s see some camera tricks of the Oppo Reno 8. With this phone, you can capture bokeh videos & you get the option to customize the bokeh effect in the background.

40. Dual View Video

In-camera app if you go to more than here you’ll get different types of modes. The Dual-view mode is helpful if you want to use the front camera & rear camera at the same time.

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41. 960FPS Slow motion video

You also got the slow-motion video feature on this phone. Though this feature only works for the rear camera. You can capture in 960FPS at maximum.

42. Film Mode

You also get the film mode option in the more. It helps you to capture cinematic videos. If you want to capture wide-angle video on Horigently then you can use this mode. In this, you’ll get pro mode enabled by default.

43. WiFi calling

Wi-Fi Calling is a service for smartphones providing the ability to make and receive phone calls over a Wi-Fi connection. To use this go to settings> sim card & mobile data>sim & here you will see the wifi calling. Tap on the toggle to turn it on or off.

44. Call Recording

In the Oppo phones, you don’t get the automatic call recording but can record the call from the Record option you got at the dialer. When you tap on it then both sides of the phone will get an announcement which is not very useful.

45. Eye comfort

This will give a yellow tint to your screen which is very helpful while you are using your phone at night time or using it for a long time for study purposes. To enable it go to settings>display & brightness>eye comfort, from here you can customize it the way you want.

46. Privacy dashboard

If you go to Settings>privacy>Privacy dashboard, then here you can see the full history of permission given to different apps at different times. Here if you see that an app is unnecessary taking any permission then you can simply revoke that permission, which is a pretty good feature from the privacy perspective.

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Wrap up: Oppo Reno 8 5G Tips & Tricks

This is all on the topic of Oppo Reno 8 5G Tips & Tricks | 45+ Special Features. I hope you like it, in case we missed something then write in the comment section.

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